Welcome to the pages of the Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) 1309

The Integrated Research Training Group 1309 (IRTG) provides a tailor-made training environment for doctoral researchers active in the Collaborative Research Center on "Chemical Biology of Epigenetic Modifications".

The training program will particularly strengthen knowledge in all areas associated with bioinformatics, which is central knowledge needed in the CRC. In the IRTG a series of general chemical biology lectures will provide the primary basis for training students in current developments in the field. We will focus on training opportunities with respect to bioinformatics and the associated technical aspects of the CRC by short workshop-style courses.

In addition, we offer yearly IRTG winter schools and the biyearly IRTG summer conferences, which provide ample opportunities for showcasing CRC research results and create frequent opportunities for interactions between scientists coming from different disciplines. This program, when combined with the regular "hands-on" doctoral training typical for research groups in the molecular and biological sciences, will optimize the chances of success for all participating doctoral researchers.

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